About Aquido

Aquido is a dedicated Colonic Irrigation centre in BirminghamFrom our experience customers need and demand much higher standards and quality of services than currently available by competitors.

To meet these demands to your satisfaction, all our colonic irrigation treatments and health assessments are provided by a qualified nurse who is trained in colon hydrotherapy and whose roll is to ensure that the therapy is performed safely and you do have a pleasant and relaxing experience.

We understand that you might be worried about the prospect of this type of treatment; however, the role of our staff is to assist you and to ensure that you have a save, respectful, dignified and relaxing experience.

The colonic irrigation uses a closed system which is designed for your comfort and safety. Water pressure is low and the temperature is controlled to body temperature. You do not need to worry as the treatment can be stopped at any time.

Our sessions are not rushed and you are encouraged to be active participant throughout the treatment to allay any fears and worries you may have.

Our service is accessible to people with various abilities and our facilities are equipped to provide for various needs