Cardio vascular check


Cardio vascular check


cardio vascular check UK guidelines recommend that anybody above the age of 40 should assess their cardiovascular health risk. We can help you to assess your risk of developing a cardiovascular disease such as: heart attack, stroke, angina and peripheral vascular disease. Further treatment with your primary health care provider is recommended if you are found to have a high risk.


Cardiovascular diseases


Heart and blood vessels may be affected by atheroma; small fatty lumps that may build up in your arteries like plaque. This can restrict blood flow, which can cause problems to tissue and organs. Also, blood cloths can form over a patch of atheroma. Depending on where this is happening it may result, amongst others, in a stroke, heart attack, angina and peripheral vascular disease and other cardiovascular events.

You should assess your risk if you are 40 years of age or older or if you have a family history of an early cardiovascular disease or first-degree relatives with a serious hereditary lipid disorder.


The assessment


The check by a registered health professional includes:

  • Current life style risk factors assessment
  • Blood pressure check
  • Weight check
  • Blood glucose check
  • Cholesterol check
  • Dietary advise

Depending on the findings, we will provide guidance to life style changes including diet, exercise and smoking cessation advise as well as support with medication compliance.

The assessment will take about 15 minutes and can be booked as a package with one of our other treatments. Please contact us if you want a booking as a stand alone.